Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East advocates among mainline Protestants and Roman Catholics in North America for fairness in the churches’ witness on issues related to the conflict between Israel and its Arab neighbors.
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Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East Issues a Plea for the Peace of Jerusalem

Christians for Fair Witness on the Middle East (“Fair Witness”) is deeply concerned about the recent outbreaks of violence in Jerusalem. East Jerusalem Palestinians have been attacking Jews, Jewish homes, the light rail system and even kindergartens with rocks, slabs of concrete and molotov cocktails. Last week an infant was killed when an East Jerusalem resident rammed his car into a crowd of Israeli commuters. The death toll in that attack rose to two this past Sunday when a twenty two year old woman died after being critically wounded in that same attack.

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Christians for Fair Witness on The American Churches and the Role of Fear in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict

Sixty three years after the founding of the State of Israel, forty four years after the beginning of the Israeli occupation, and eighteen years after the start of the hope-filled years of the Oslo Accords, Palestinians and Israelis find themselves still unable to come to a negotiated agreement. Locked in an on-going conflict which regularly spills into violence and bloodshed, we are led to ask, what is it that is keeping the Palestinians and Israelis from finding their way to a peaceful solution?

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